Princess Tiana’s Magical Autism Awareness Moment

Ever experienced a ‘down’ day when you’ve felt your work is unnoticed and under appreciated?
Well, I had one of those yesterday while stressing over the writing of an article titled, “The benefits of Autistic Travel”.

And then …the incredible happened. One of my website readers,Denise Klipsic, unknowingly inspired me!
So,I had to share her uplifting letter and adorable photograph with everyone to remind them that magical moments do happen if you wait patiently and never give up.

“We recently went to Disney World with our two autistic children. My daughter has sensory issues and often prefers to ride the Disney buses all day rather than visit the parks. However, on this day she was feeling a little braver and waited patiently in a line to see Princess Tiana.

While waiting, fireworks went off by Cinderella’s Castle for their afternoon show. This completely terrified her. She put her hands to her ears and was not sure what to do next. Princess Tiana approached her, and you could tell she still wanted to see the princess even though her hands remained over her ears

Princess Tiana put her hands to her ears too, and they smiled together!
It was adorable to see them interact and the patience she had with my daughter and what she was feeling. God bless that moment and the wonderful experience she gave us!”


Princess Tiana's Magical Autism Awareness Moment

photo credit Denise Klipsic

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  1. Laura Leininger says:

    What a precious photo and story. Thanks for posting. Mothers hold their babies’ hands only a short while, but their hearts forever.

  2. Yeah, and I love that Princess Tiana ‘tude in her expression – we don’t have to care about the noise from them fireworks ’cause we can just cover our ears.

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